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Главная » 2009 » Октябрь » 21 » Something about an american's brain...
Something about an american's brain...
As i told my friends long time ago: runuo users will have serious problems with static tiles in SA because OSI extended tiles range for static tiles up to 0x8000. They also changed the worlditem packet, because it was required for supporting multi tiles. Now some users use RUOSI packet guide (of course without any copyright, it's so hard for them but very easy for sphereserver and pol server users) and implementing new packets in 'blind mode'.

First of all, about any comments likes "It's bad protocol guide":
a) protocol guide is universal and is not created for some special emulator
b) you have to implement it YOURSELF updating data to your real code (that's why you have problems with ~ and & 0x3FFF operations in RunUO: it's only RunUO problem cause RunUO was coded in that style)
c) if this protocol guide is so bad - don't use it. Please, don't use it. Write your OWN, not copy-pasted from here, but created from the beginning - sniff data from OSI, analyze it, try to understand and compile it into packet description.

Second, i laughed very much when i saw that - This guy really doesn't understand how system works and what he does ;) I think that it will be very humanely to post CORRECT implementation for multi tiles support right here: i don't want really that guy destroy his poor brain finally.

if (item is BaseMulti)
    type = 2;
    itemID ^= 0x4000;

where type is Data Type value ;) Of course, it will not fix all problems, because you have to rewrite a lot of code in runuo core and housing to support new statics and new customizing ;)
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