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Well, i have a little time to update converted uops to muls but if i promised to provide it ...
I released Ultima SDK dll with UOP support (including source code). It has compatibility with UOFiddler, just overwrite fiddler's ultima.dll and change art.mul, gumpart.mul, sound.mul paths to uop files. Artidx.mul, soundidx.mul, gumpidx.mul should be blank. After doing this, restart Fiddler and it will read items/land tiles/maps/gumps/sounds from new uop files directly. The code is included with my copyrights ;) Have a fun.
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Muls for latest patch (only art and gumpart because maps and sounds were not updated): - art.mul and artidx.mul ~40MB gumpart.mul and gumpidx.mul ~18MB

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Well, i didn't want discuss that code and his author but when i got the link to forums i changed my mind. Epila (who wrote some comments to my previous post here) started a topic at forums ( looking for help with new 2d UOP files format. After reading that topic i had a problem - i couldn't stop laughing!  The title of this story tells us about the two stupids. OK,  meet the first dumb - mr. HellRazor ;) His answers in that topic are great! It's filled with very 'good' logic. First post (#4) quote: 'Perhaps they have 2 files in the .UOP, one being the index and one being the MUL?' Only not very smart man can imagine that smart guys (EA Mythic are smart guys, aren't they?) will pack current files without any change without compression to another file adding extra metadata ... Читать дальше »
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The new EA Mythic format was successfully decoded ;) I uploaded all muls (including index files). Usage: just download required archive, unpack it to uo classic directory and enjoy ;) You can use UO Fiddler or Inside UO (with some restrictions to tiles above 0x3FFF range) and viewing client's arts, gumps, sounds and maps. - art.mul and artidx.mul ~40MB gumpart.mul and gumpidx.mul ~18MB map0(0x,1,1x,2,2x,3,4,5).mul ~76MB sound.mul and soundidx.mul ~102MB

P.S. I removed converter from file archive because that converter version will not work with new format and i will not release new converter ;)
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Recent UO Classic patch (up to 600MB) changed arts, gumps, sounds and maps storage method again ;) Grats, EA Mythic ;)
P.S. Maps 'mixing' is too easy, isnt't it, EA? But art/gump/sound mixing is great ;)
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Well, i'm very suprised receiving comments and e-mails about 'corrupted' archive ;) Did you see the news' date or date in txt file inside archive? Where's your sense of humor, guys? It's just 1st April joke ;) You are really thinking that i will release my code to you? Ha-ha. You are dumb if you believed in it ;) Just use your fingers on your keyboard and start working! You could write all UO expansions' support while you tried to open that damn archive ;)
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I uploaded artidx.mul, gumpidx.mul and soundidx.mul files for client. With art.mul, gumpart.mul and sound.mul generated by my converter tool ( it can be used to view uo item's art, gumps and sounds in any viewer (fiddler, insideuo, etc.). Files will be auto updating with every new client patch but generator tool for that files will not be released ;)
Link -
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I finally decided to release the latest RUOSI version!
You can download it from File Archive (
Категория: Общие новости | Просмотров: 6038 | Добавил: ruosi | Дата: 01.04.2012 | Комментарии (4)

There are a new programme in file archive - converter from legacy uops to muls -
Note: it works only with 2d clients uops (not 3d - they have different formats and programme for 3d ones will not be distributed).
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As i predicted almost a year ago EA merged 2d and 3d clients data files! Now 2d client uses .uop data instead of mul! Mul dead, long live uop! It's death for most freeshards (they cannot use latest client updates) ;) Thank you, EA! Finally ;)
Для тех кто в танке -> "С днем варенья, Вят!" - сказали в ЕА и кильнули мулы :)
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