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All about animation ;)
Today it was very usual day until i found new interesting thing: RunUO Team doesn't work with protocol sniffing packets from OSI shards ;) They just read my packet guide and implement new packets WITHOUT even single chance to think how it works ;) It can be easily proved: in latest svn and for demise shard you can found new packet - 0xE2.
1. Look at their implementation:
    public sealed class NewMobileAnimation : Packet
        public NewMobileAnimation( Mobile m, int action, int frameCount, int delay ) : base( 0xE2, 10 )
            m_Stream.Write( (int) m.Serial );
            m_Stream.Write( (short) action );
            m_Stream.Write( (short) frameCount );
            m_Stream.Write( (byte) delay );

2. Look at this packet's description in my packet guide:
E2 - New Mobile Animation
New Mobile Animation Packet.
10 bytes
from server
byte    ID (E2)
dword    Mobile Serial
word    Action
word    Frame Count
byte    Delay
Replaces 0x6E packet

3. And finally look at their svn code: they're so stupidly to implement this packet in 'blind mode': they send it with values from 0x6E packet ;) And, of course, their clients were crashed ;) That was never happened if somebody from greatest RunUO Team developers take and analyze 0xE2 packet from OSI, but not from my packet guide. Surprise! OSI uses NEW values for this packets ;)

Good job, RunUO Team. Next time, i will put some 'trojan horse' in packet guide specially for you ;)
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