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Главная » 2012 » Май » 22 » UO Classic client muls (version
UO Classic client muls (version
The new EA Mythic format was successfully decoded ;) I uploaded all muls (including index files). Usage: just download required archive, unpack it to uo classic directory and enjoy ;) You can use UO Fiddler or Inside UO (with some restrictions to tiles above 0x3FFF range) and viewing client's arts, gumps, sounds and maps. - art.mul and artidx.mul ~40MB gumpart.mul and gumpidx.mul ~18MB map0(0x,1,1x,2,2x,3,4,5).mul ~76MB sound.mul and soundidx.mul ~102MB

P.S. I removed converter from file archive because that converter version will not work with new format and i will not release new converter ;)
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4 ruosi  
You're wrong: old convert will not work correctly with, EA Mythic mixed the chunks inside uops, chunks are no longer stored in sequence (0,1,2...), it can be as 0, 8, 100, 1, 30, 21 etc. That's why runuo/sphere dirty hack for maps (reading by offset, skipping headers -> it's not EA Mythic intended way) will not work anymore and server will crash while attempting to read data from mapXlegacymul.uop
All i can say: index data is stored with mul data in the same file wink There is a hint inside client.exe. Good luck!

3 Epila  
Reading the UOP file is easy with your old converter, but some files need the index file (such as gumpart.mul and gumpidx.mul)
i'd be pleased for any tip on how to generate them

2 ruosi  
Format? You already got it wink That's usual UOP files, nothing new. I'm not planning to release 'guide'. I will upload files but you can, of course, not use it if it's problem for you and, of course, you can ask for help all runuo, sphere and pol communities to get EA 'mini-secret' how to understand those files' contents wink Good luck.

1 Epila  
You could release at least the file format to us, any guide to decode these files into muls. I dont think you will upload every file decoded everytime EA release new patch that change these files


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