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Главная » 2012 » Август » 14 » Ultima SDK with UOP support
Ultima SDK with UOP support
Well, i have a little time to update converted uops to muls but if i promised to provide it ...
I released Ultima SDK dll with UOP support (including source code). It has compatibility with UOFiddler, just overwrite fiddler's ultima.dll and change art.mul, gumpart.mul, sound.mul paths to uop files. Artidx.mul, soundidx.mul, gumpidx.mul should be blank. After doing this, restart Fiddler and it will read items/land tiles/maps/gumps/sounds from new uop files directly. The code is included with my copyrights ;) Have a fun.
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Wow, it's extremely hard to navigate a Russian site and register. Translating would of been easier on chrome, but oh well. I'm here now.

Just wanted to point out a warning in your code that you may want to fix.

In FileIndex.cs, line 266. It should look like this below.
Index[idx].extra = extra1 << (short)16 | extra2;

The only difference is the cast to short for 16, to avoid sign extension. Unless you for some reason you want sign extension.

That's all, thanks for taking the time to update the sdk for the uop format. Imagine it'll help the community a lot over time.

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