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Unfortunately, i was very busy last months and didn't update this site. Now it's time to fix it. What's new? 
1. RUOSI project is still developing and it's latest build is installed to very interesting shard (with current site and forums on It contains SA expansion, publishes 61-67 and a large part of publish 68 with High Seas booster content.
2. High Seas booster development continues and i have some new video - Britannian Galleon known as "Whale" finally was added into the client side by EA Mythic and in couple of days was constructed and programmed by me. It's really great ship - 9 cannons, 2 spots for addons like forges and anvils, 8 mooring lines. Of course smooth movement is onboard ;) It moves fast and without any lags. You can use your mouse to control movement of your galleon. But, no more words, just links to YouTube ;)
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