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Главная » 2009 » Ноябрь » 30 » Something about an american's brain II
Something about an american's brain II
Hi everyone! Today we'll speak again about our old friends - Americans! ;)

They're trying to implement SA support and, of course, they can't do it without remembering me ;)  My dear friend, Anti-Basic, wrote:

"He's an unhelpful ass who decompiled a closed source project and published the source, THEN used an exploit to mass spam RunUO's member's emails. And then he tries to claim that the RunUO team is stupid and can't code etc etc when his entire project is based entirely off of RunUO. Fuck Wyatt."

Well, it's a very bad quote. Bad - because it contains only 10-20% of truth.
1) I'm not unhelpful. I offered help to in 2004 and was blamed. I'm helping now peoples (not giving my code to them or writing code for them) with helpful advices.
2)  Okay, i decompiled it (with some technical details - i was not the first person who decompiled runuo, but i got all copyrights for that)
3) I've NEVER published sources. If stupid americans can't understand that fact - they're really stupid. I've released binaries based on decompile and contains SE support. After that it was a question of time - who will do it. Ryan was so freaky to make runuo open-source in 1-2 weeks after releasing closed binaries of runuo-re. Did you afraid of me, Ryan? ;) After that i've released reassembled binaries and source, based on RunUO 1.0.0 open source code. Also, i saved all copyrights and added additional copyrights to server's console information.
4) About spams: I'm proud that you're still thinking that i was me, but it was another person, never working on runuo-re project but hating Ryan and his 'gay-friends' very much ;)
5) Finally, i'm not trying to claim runuo stupid. I'm claiming ;)
So, now you can fuck yourself ;) I think that Ryan will help you with pleasure ;)

Another funny guy - Peoharen wrote:
"...I guess there will be no help from him."
If you mean that i'll never give you my code - it's true ;) I'm never helping with code ;)
Good luck, my dearest americans. I hope you will finish SA support sometime before UO will be closed project ;)

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