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Главная » 2006 » Июль » 7 » История #27: о том, как латвийские программисты обманывают американских
История #27: о том, как латвийские программисты обманывают американских
"Умные" люди пишут:
"Ryan i found this page, Not sure if its true but if it is... A wow emu is making loot off RunUO Core... Should give it a look see bro"

О, да, брат! Ты нашел это! Раян ты должен отдать ему пререлиз 3.0 прямо сейчас!

"WoWemu (WadEmu) by WAD based on RunUO which is not free ($100/month) and apparently quite badly written with many features not working and allowing for a small number of players and requiring a very powerful server (512 RAM for each 20-30 players)
O.K. add to that the lack of CLARITY, if read "wrong" one would think RunUO is charging 100 bucks a month. That may lead "Us" into trouble, as RunUO is Free, with a request for donations.I havent paid a hundred bucks a month yet nor have i ever been asked to pay any amount to play this Emu, and I will testify to that in a court of law if need be Ryan. word is bond"

Угу, большие "trouble" :-) Жгун.

Мой соотечественник с загадочным ником I Can Loot возмущается:
"/me rofl.
guys ur halutinating
wowEmu is based on RunUO lol
it's written in C++ (and if u know RunUO is written in C#)
amagad... u make me laugh
oh ya ya. and eWoW is based on leaked off server muahaha. and I'm Yuri Romanov. i came to make total communism all over the world"

Брат, ты забыл, что твоя фамилия на самом деле - Ульянов :-)))

Кросавчег по кличке Kamuflaro пишет в ответ:
"rofl? You can "easily" convert code from C++ to C# as far as my knowledge goes.
Noone was saying wowwow would be totally based on RunUO code, but in fact some pieces are taken from RunUO GPLed code. Read the posts from BardFreedom, he admits that fact."

Мда, это уже не смешно, если так учат в Америке людей программированию, да и вообще computer science, это уже плакать нужно! Бедные дети!
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